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Ramona has a number of tryout-based teams that play competitively against area schools, including:
6th-7th-8th Grade Boys/Girls Cross Country
7th Grade Boys Flag Football
8th Grade Boys Flag Football
7th Grade Girls Volleyball
8th Grade Girls Volleyball
7th Grade Girls Basketball
8th Grade Girls Basketball
7th Grade Boys Basketball
8th Grade Boys Basketball
6th-7th-8th Grade Boys/Girls Track and Field

Intramural SportsTop of Page

Ramona offers opportunities for all 6th graders to participate in sports against other students at Ramona.  8th grade athletes volunteer as coaches and referees for the following intramural leagues after school:
6th Grade Boys Flag Football
6th Grade Girls Volleyball
6th Grade Boys Basketball
6th Grade Girls Basketball

Football/Volleyball Intramural ScheduleTop of Page

Click Here to print the 6th Grade intramural schedule


Mon.              11-6                           PRACTICE

Tues.              11-7                           PRACTICE


Wed.              11-8               GREEN vs. RED                   BLUE vs. GOLD

Thur.              11-9               BLUE  vs. RED                      GREEN vs. GOLD

Mon.              11-13             GOLD vs.  RED                     BLUE  vs.  GREEN


Tues.              11-14             GREEN vs. RED                   BLUE  vs.  GOLD

Thur.              11-16             BLUE  vs.  RED                     GREEN  vs.  GOLD

Fri.                  11-17             GOLD  vs.  RED                    BLUE  vs.  GREEN


Games start at 3:40