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Support Staff

Please use our teacher emails to contact your students’ teachers. It is the preferred and fastest method of communication. All Teacher e-mails are available here on this page, see below.



Anne Neal, Principal                                                          909-971-8260

Joel Hudec, AP                                                           909-971-8260

Greg Noyes, AP                                                             909-971-8260



Peatra Cooper Jones 6th grade                             909-971-8260

Cory Hanson 7th grade                                                    909-971-8260

Dena Hoover 8th grade                                                    909-971-8260


Support Staff:

Cyndi Smith                                                     School Secretary Ext 6011     

Myra Espino                                                   Discipline Office Ext 6031        

Barbara Keck                                                   Counselor Office Ext 6050     

Linda Haygood                                                Receptionist Ext 6013            

Dezere Ball                                                     Clerk – Special Ed Ext 6014   

Michelle Stepanian                                         Health Office Ext 6020            

Judy Petrie                                                       Finance Office Ext 6060       

Colleen Johnson                                             Library Ext 6090             




Teacher Contact Information

Teacher Voice # Email Subject
Alertas, Chris 1504 Science
Beck, Vera 1590 Math
Beltran, Christina 1186 Math
Berkler, Peri 1491 PE
Betancourt, Dominique 1363 Math
Brownlee, Deb 1210 Math
Buchan, Brooke 1148 Science
Buck, Kala 1495 Science
Campbell, Colin Math
Cavanaugh, Wayne 1301 SpEd
Chang, Christine 1162 Math
Coss, Carrie 1467 English
Couch, Sarah 1413 English
Courey, Elaine 1236 PE
Delfin, Dustin 1380 Math
Dineley, Grant 1261 Science
Duran, Stephen Social Studies
Eckes, Blythe 1598 English
Falabrino, Mary 1436 English
Freiburghouse, Bonnie 1610 Science
Galvan, Jason 1583 English
Garcia, Nancy 1469 SpEd
Goss, Eileen 1235 Social Studies
Hageman, Hillary 1273 Social Studies
Hepperle, Mart 1425 Science
Hwang, Regina 1498 Math
Johnson, Jeff 1295 English
Kiernan, Tom 1141 English
Kowalewski, Katie SpEd
Larson, Roxanne 1517 English
Madrid, Audrey 1190 English
Markese, Jeff 1300 Social Studies
Muhlsteff, Kyle 1354 PE
Oliver, David 1116 Social Studies
Olney, Brandon 1183 Social Studies
Owen, Sarah 1253 Band
Parra, Lou 1401 PE
Pocino, Julie 1192 Science/Elective
Ramos, Tana 1566 Art (Electives)
Reedy, Alison 1466 Science
Riggs, Mike 1455 PE
Sandoval, Crystal 1184 Science
Sapienza, Gina 1371 Math
Shaw, Caitlin 1350 Choir
Smith, Brad 1148 PE
Stuart, Jennifer 1383 SpEd
Tibbetts, Sierra 1102 SpEd
Tolan, Heather 1154 Social Studies
Webb, Elana 1239 Drama (Electives)
Weismair, Krista 1370 Social Studies/Elective
Williamson, Brian 1129 Social Studies/Elective
Yeung, Richard 1450 Math
Zeuli, Adam 1597 Socail Studies