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Dress Code

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Bonita Unified School District

Dress Code

The Board of Education subscribes to the philosophy that students will be provided with a quality education in a safe, secure environment. The Board believes that school dress significantly influences student behavior. Further, students’ appearance should be neat, acceptable and in keeping with the activities at the particular school while at school or at any school activity. The Board of Education is committed to provide school campuses that are free from the threats or harmful influence of any group or gang, which advocates drug use, disruptive behavior, and/or illegal activities.

The principal of each school in the District, or designated representative, is hereby authorized and directed to send home or require a change of clothing for any student who has failed to prepare properly for school as set forth in this policy. Students who persist in violating the following general standards may be suspended in accordance with the law.

Student safety must always be at the foremost concern and the predominant criterion for the acceptability of student dress.

Standards for all Students

  1. All students are to give proper attention to personal cleanliness, modesty and safety in dress and grooming.

    2.   Clothing, hair, and accessories are to be neat, clean, safe, non-revealing, and non-distractive.

    3.   No student is permitted to attend school if their appearance is disruptive to the operation and administration of the educational process.

    4.   Certain types of clothing and attire that have the potential to cause a disruption of school activities will be prohibited.

  1. Clothing, jewelry and/or accessories, which may provoke others to acts of violence, may be disruptive to the educational environment, or may be used as weapons, including but not limited to gloves, hair nets, wristbands, belts, belt buckles, sharp ended piercing/jewelry, chains and any gang-identified or unsafe items are prohibited.    

    B.  Clothing and jewelry shall be free of writing, pictures, and any other insignia or indications which are profane, obscene, sexually suggestive, or which advocate racial, ethnic, sexual or religious prejudice, tagging, gambling, violence, the use of drugs or alcohol or any other illegal activity. No tights may be worn as pants.

    C.  Only plain-colored/non-logo hats worn outside or medically/religiously-required hats are allowed.

    D.  Footwear must be worn at all times. Students must wear footwear that is safe and appropriate for the learning environment. Middle school and elementary school students must wear shoes that have a back or strap on the heel and have a platform of no more than 1 1/2 inches. Open toed sandals, slippers and steel toed footwear are prohibited.

    E.   Oversized clothing, including oversized white T-shirts with creased sleeves, large shirts with cut out arm holes or creased down the front and oversized and/or sagged pants are prohibited. Pants must fit and be worn at the waist without requiring alteration.

    F.   Gang associated attire, which may include but is not limited to: belts, footwear, jackets, dark glasses not medically prescribed and worn in-doors, bandanas and/or headgear is prohibited.

    G.  Shorts to the knee or longer worn with socks to the knee and/or bib overalls (unless both straps are buckled over the shoulders at all times) are prohibited.

    H.  Clothing shall not be excessively revealing and must be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times. Examples of clothing that may be inappropriate include, but are not limited to: short shorts/skirts, low-rise pants with high-rise underwear, see-through or fishnet fabrics, halter tops, razor back tank tops, muscle shirts, tank tops [with straps of less than one inch], tube tops, spaghetti strapped clothing, off-the-shoulder or low cut tops and bare midriffs.