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CIMI Science Trip

CIMI (Catalina Island Marine Institute)
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Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) is an 8th grade trip in May. GPA eligibility is used to qualify for this trip. 8th grade students will be eligible based on their cumulative GPA from each quarter of 7th grade.  This year, the trip will be May 18-20, 2024. CIMI does not conflict with the Washington, D.C. trip.  Permission slips are submitted online (see below). Donation for this trip is $375, (it would be helpful for the planning process to have donations by October 2, 2023). For questions about the trip, please scroll down to the FAQs or email Mr. Pogan.

Pending GPA qualification, CLICK HERE for on-line student store payment
Pending GPA qualification, CLICK HERE to fill out the online "Permission Click"
How many students can go? 
The lodging at Catalina can only accommodate 100 students
What if my GPA is not in the top 100? 
After the first 100 invites, some students choose not to go.  As those decisions are made by students and their families, the next students on the GPA list are invited until all 100 spots are filled.  In the case of students with equal GPAs, the order will be randomized.
Why is a donation requested? 
This amount will go directly toward the cost of the trip.