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Math 6:  Students work with rational numbers and delve into multiplicative thinking and proportional reasoning. Focus areas will be: 1) connecting ratio, rate, and percentage to whole numbers; 2) use of rational numbers & fractions; 3) interpreting expressions & equations; 4) understanding statistical thinking. Students will also work toward fluency with multi-digit division and decimal operations.

Math 7:  Focus areas will be: 1) applying proportional relationships, including percentages; 2) analyzing rational number operations (positive & negative), expressions and linear equations; 3) solving with scale drawings and 2D/3D shapes (e.g. area, surface area, volume); 4) drawing inferences based on samples.  Students also work to solve equations, (e.g. 7x + 2.5 =13 and ½(x+5) = 34).

Accelerated 7:  Students will focus on the same concepts from Math 7, and will also formulate and reason with expressions & equations, and model relationships between two quantities (e.g. absences and math scores) with a linear equation, and solving systems of linear equations; and 6) grasping the concept of a function and using functions to describe quantitative relationships.

Math 8:  Focus areas will be 1) formulating & reasoning with expressions/equations, e.g. modeling relationships between two quantities with a linear equation, and solving systems of linear equations; 2) using functions to describe quantitative relationships; 3) analyzing 2D/3D figures using distance, angle, similarity & congruence. Students will also begin solving sets of equations with unknown variables.

Integrated 1:  Analysis of linear functions (f(x) = mx + b), rates, contrasting linear functions with exponential functions, geometric relationships between linear function graphs (e.g., parallel & perpendicular lines), scatter plots, informal lines of best fit; and applying these ideas in the real world.

Integrated 2:  Students will continue analyzing linear & exponential functions, and will work with; 1) Quadratic functions with varying growth patterns 2) Equations and expressions by translating various forms of a quadratic, ultimately leading to the quadratic formula; 3) simple trigonometric functions and conic sections, 4) introduce probability & models to support these concepts.

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Each October, the Math Department hosts a Math Family Night.  This night will be filled with math games, challenges and other activities.  Parents and students are invited to participate in the fun.  This year, Math Family Night will take place on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 from 5:30pm - 7:00pm.
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