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Compact Day

First Compact Day
Friday, August 22nd
 12:54 Dismissal

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ASB Retreat



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Registration 2014

Registration will be online again through InfoSnap. You will receive a letter in the mail before the end of July with your login information.
All incoming 6th grade students that attended a school in our district will receive this information too. 
We will update this page when the letters have been mailed.


New Student enrollment will begin June 30th
(this is not for students that are already in the district)
Office hours are 8am - 1pm (Monday-Thursday)
All new enrolled
students  (to BUSD) will be tested  
Thursday, July 31st at 9am

The following items are required to receive an enrollment packet:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Report Card
  • Immunization Record

  Students entering 7th grade must have the T-dap

  • Two forms of Residency
    • Utility (Gas, Water or Electric)
    • Escrow or rental agreement
    • Driver’s License

Museum Night 2014


Tutoring at Ramona


8:00 am to 8:55 am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (MATH)

EVERYDAY for all other subjects

ROOM: D3  
Mrs. Simonsen (MATH see below)
ROOM: D5   Mrs. Arballo (All other subjects)

6th, 7th, and 8th grade

Math Essentials, Fundamentals and Intro to Algebra

No permission slip is required and students do not have to stay the entire time

School Calendar