School Site Council

Council Meeting Dates

School Site Council Meetings are open meetings, we will meet 3 times this year:

Thursday - October 20th, 2016 8am in the Library

Tuesday - January 24th, 2017 8am in the Library

Tuesday - May 23rd, 2017 8am in the Library

Council Members

2016-2017 School Site Council Members:


Anne Neal, Principal

Joel Hudec Assistant Principal

Cyndi Smith, Secretary


Parent Representatives:                     Teacher Representatives:

Rosa Alvarez (First Term)                    Chris Alertas (First Term)

Matt Lyons (First Term)                        Peri Berkler (First Term)

Vince Maliszewski (First Term)            Stephen Duran (First Term)

Penny Praeger   (First Term)               Eileen Goss (Second Term)

                                                             Hillary Hageman (Alternate)



Student Representatives:

Jeffrey Plumley (8th Grade)

 Ally Little (7th Grade)

Beau Rodriguez (6th Grade)

Omar De Leon (ASB rep)


Students please remember to bring your report on what is going on in your classes


Meeting Agendas

Click Here to see the October Agenda
Click Here to see the January Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Click here to see May 2016 meeting minutes
Click here to see the October 2016 meeting minutes