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WEB, or Where Everybody Belongs, is an 8th grade elective that serves as an orientation and transition program.  These 8th graders work with 6th graders throughout the first year of their middle school experience. Through this nationally recognized middle school transition program, select members of the 8th grade class are trained to act as positive role models, mentors, and teachers who guide the 6th graders to discover what it takes to be successful in middle school. Schools have reported that the WEB middle school transition program has enhanced anti-bullying efforts, reduced discipline issues, and increased school safety, creating an improved school climate and a greater sense of connection for the whole school.  Our WEB class is enthusiastic and dedicated to making our campus a place Where Everybody Belongs!!

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W.E.B class 2022-2023
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Congratulations to our 7th grade Students selected to be our W.E.B. leaders for 2023-2024

McKenzie Allred Precious Guzman Samantha Ojeda 
Kendra Anderson Alex Jang Justice Paris
Jaylee Arauz Giselle Kalo Travis Parsonage
Sophia Arroyo Kenadie Kelly Jadyn Perez
Suehailey Corrales Audrina Larez Ayden Perez
Troy Dahi Jacob Lenaburg Kayden Prince
Layla  Diekmann Alexis Mabey Nishant Sahu
Kayleen Espinoza Isis Majoros Alanna Seiji
Lucas Francisco-Arriola Reese Marquez Landon Simpkins
Frida Garcia Anushka Nambiar Valerie Tiznado Jimenez
John Gilbert Anabelle Nuno Jayden Wells
Aubrie Gonzalez   Chase Willmore