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We honor our 8th grade students who Promote to High School at a Promotion Ceremony each year.

This year the Ceremony will be June 5th, 2024 at 9:00 am and will last no more than an hour.

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Promotion is a fun and exciting time for students and families. Here are some suggestions for you and your student. 
Please remember formal wear can be saved for high school.

Promotional Dress code 

    Boys -             Should wear a shirt with a collar  (NO ”T”-shirts) 
    Girls -              No strapless or backless dresses, NO bare or open midriff
                            Avoid "Prom" type dresses
                            Length of dresses should follow the district dress-code rules                  
    General -         NO HATS
                            Attire should be comfortable and appropriate for middle school
                           Seating is limited; you may want to bring a chair 

If you have any questions refer to your child’s Daily Planner for dress-code information.  The Bonita Unified Dress-Code will be followed.

If you have a sister or brother currently at Ramona attending the promotion, please notify the office. Any student from Ramona attending promotional other than a sister or brother is not permitted.