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Clubs 2021-2022
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Each year, a number of clubs are available to Ramona students.  Some clubs exist perpetually, while others come and go based on student interest.  Each club is student-driven with teachers serving as advisors. Please go to the student store to more get information 
Current Social clubs at lunch: 

6th Grade first lunch -
  • Books for Bees, Monday’s, Room E2, Mrs. Udeshi – Read books
  • Good Vibes Social Club, Monday’s, Room C2, Ms. Laszlo, to send positivity and meet new people
  • Origami Club, Monday, Room B6, Mrs. Rivas- Learn how to fold Origami
  • The Pre Authors, meets Tuesdays in Room C2, teaching students how to write, edit and publish books. (6th grade)
  • Dance Club, Tuesday’s, Room H2, Mr. Hoey – To get ready to dance and be dancers in the future
  • 6th grade – Cookie Co. – exchange cookie recipes and play Cookie Clicker- Meets on Compact Wednesday 12:54-1:50, Ms. Gomez, Room H5
  • Weekly Ruler News Club, Wednesday and Fridays, Room H2, Mr. Hoey – to spread news across the school.
  • Don’t Hesitate, Just Decorate (Decorating Club), Thursday’s during lunch, Band Room, Mr. McDonald- Decorate for band and choir concerts when they are at Ramona
  • Meme Gamers, Thursday, Room B6, Mrs. Rivas- Encourage kids, have fun and learn about memes and video games
  • The Walmart Club, Friday’s, Room B1, Mrs. Villarreal – Help people make friends and be more social and to have fun
7th and 8th Grade second lunch –
  • Marvel Fan Club, Monday’s, Side of gym facing volleyball, Ms. Acedo – Fan theory and enjoy Marvel topics together.
  • Anime Club, Monday’s Room G2, Ms. Sapienza – To talk anime and make friends.
  • GSA Club meets Tuesdays in Room E1, to be social and have a safe place to discuss issues. (7/8th grade)
  • Feminist Club, Tuesday’s, Room D3, Mr. Yeung – To properly educate and act on feminism and peacefully have their own opinions.
  • The Gamer Club meets Tuesdays and Thursday in Room D1, to meet new people, have fun and play video games. (7th/8th grade)
  • The RATS (Really Awesome Teen Society), Wednesday’s (not compact day’s), Room C3, Mr. Kiernan- To have fun and eat cheese.
  • 7th/8th Grade lunch – Volleyball Club – Meet every other Thursday starting 10/21 – 8th grade field Ms. Wilson is the advisor
  • Best Buddies, Friday’s, Room B7, Mr. Ring – To develop inclusion opportunities for all students.
  • Book Club, Friday’s, Room C1, Ms. Madrid- To come together and read books and talk about them.
  • Sketches & Scribbles Art Club, Friday’s, Room D8, Mrs. Weismair- To teach and share to better ourselves with the concept of art.

After School Social Clubs:
  • Drama Club will be on Monday’s after school until 4:30 in MPB. All students are able to attend. Come play some theatre games and get to know your fellow theatrical Vikings! See Mr. Campbell in G1 with any questions.
  • Don’t Hesitate, Just Decorate (Decorating Club), Tuesday after school, Band Room, Mr. McDonald- Decorate for band and choir concerts when they are at Ramona