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Each year, a number of clubs are available to Ramona students.  Some clubs exist perpetually, while others come and go based on student interest.  Each club is student-driven with teachers serving as advisors.  Clubs include:
GATE Club - As part of Ramona's GATE program, students may attend after school sessions during certain seasons of the school year.
Drama: Drama’s Student Showcase rehearsals are on Mondays from 3:30-5:00 in MPB. See Mr. Campbell for permission slip
Current Social clubs at lunch:
6th Grade first lunch -
  • Chess:meeting during 6th grade lunch on Monday’s with Ms. Wade room B2
  • 6th grade Arts and Crafts Club meets Monday’s in H-7 (Misss. Groom)
  • Horse Racing Club will meet on Tuesday’s during 6th grade lunch in Mrs. Tolan’s Room G4, where students can learn the purpose of horse racing.
  • Christians in Action will meet on Wednesday’s in Mrs. Webb’s room (B3). 6th grade lunch. Purpose of club is to learn about biblical truths and encourage students
  • 6th grade Young Artist Club meets every Thursday in MPB (Mrs Giusta)
  • Origami Club will be meeting on Friday’s during 6th grade lunch in room H7 (Miss. Groom). Purpose of the club is to teach how to make Origami’s
  • 6th grade gaming club. Purpose is to let 6th grader be able to get a new sense of supercell games. Meeting on Fridays in B1 (Ms. Villarreal)
7th and 8th Grade second lunch -
  • GSA: will meet Tuesday’s 2nd lunch in room D6
  • Go to Uno!  If you don’t want to, we’ll play a Reverse card on that! Tuesdays at 7 & 8 grade lunch, Room G-6.
  • Debate Club: Meetings on Wednesday’s 2nd lunch in Mr. Oliver’s room
  • Dungeons and Dragons in room (B8), Tues/Thursday Second Lunch
  • Artistic club will meet in Ms. Gomez room (H5) on Wednesday’s (but not on compact days) 2nd lunch. Purpose of club is to inspire Art around campus.
  • Supercell Gaming meets on Thursday’s 7/8th grade lunch in Mrs. Hutchins room H8
  • Smash for All will meet on Friday’s in Mr. Oliver’s room H3
  • Magic the Gathering club will meet in Mr. Dineley’ s room (C5) 2nd Lunch on Fridays