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Dress-up Days

Action Dress Days
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Dress days will be in weekly announcments emailed to both students and parents. Based on current CDC/public health guildlines we will be asking student to participate via instagram or email. Post on Instagram tag @vikingsinaction and hashtag your team color at #rmsactionred #rmsactiongold #rmsactionblue or #rmsactiongreen – this will get your team action points. Please note that if your Instagram account is private your tags will not show up. If you don’t have a social media account or your accounts are private, please Email your pic to  
Be sure to include your team color when you post or email – go Red, Gold, Blue, or Green if you email or use the hashtag to identify your team color.
Students are placed on an action team (color) based on their last name...

Red Ribbon WeekTop of Page

Red Ribbon Week is usually observed the third or fourth week of October as a drug and violence prevention/awareness campaign.  Ramona participates with themed dress-up days.  
Click here for the 2019 dress days

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Guidelines For Halloween Dress Up (when it falls on a school day)

  1. All Dress Up Items and Costumes must abide by Dress Code Policy

  1. No masks, hoods, face paint, or anything else covering any part of your face

  2. No depiction of blood, guts, gruesome or disturbing designs

  3. No Imitation Weapons (pirate swords, nunchucks, toy guns, etc.)

  4. No morphsuits, overly-revealing clothing, or tight-fitting suits or costumes

  5. No excessive bodysuits (e.g. Sumo Wrestler Suit where a kid cannot get into their seat)

  6. No crutches, canes, pogo sticks, stilts, wizard staffs, bo staffs, quarterstaffs, etc.

  7. Due to the prevalence of coulrophobia, no clown suits or clown shenanigans of any kind

  8. Nothing that will obstruct the view of other students in a classroom (Ex. Witches hats)

  9. Feel free to be as creative as you want, but be reasonable and use good judgment. Nothing inappropriate, offensive, or overly distracting to the learning environment